Saturday, November 9, 2013

recycle oil at home

Besides salt , oil is probably the most widely used seasoning in Spanish households . When we cook at home and tiarmos down the sink , we comment unwittingly act as aggressive pollutant .

When the family kitchen in Spain , it usually does with oil. It is perhaps one of the ingredients of our diet healthier and more common in our house, and maybe that's why , we are not aware of what they can contaminate .

It is estimated that one liter of oil can contaminate more than 1000 liters of water. It's time in our home, we start recycling.

Using home oil

Cooking at home, all fathers and mothers know that the oil can be reused. However, it is not recommended to use more than three times as long as the oil is clean .

Once the oil is residue , we must get rid of him pulling down the sink , which happens in many homes. The oil goes directly to water, and water treatment plants do not get away with it. Pull the oil down the sink is an attempt to home environment.

From home to container

More and more oil recycling containers in our cities. Sure close to home we have some, or perhaps any of traveling . Its use is very important to protect the environment . Although we are not so used to recycle as plastic , cardboard or glass , if it is convenient to do family reflection if we want to be more environmentally friendly home .

In general it is oil recycling easier. Simply having a container at home to put the oil on and then we throw it into the container. They may be empty glass bottles , cans , etc ... This oil passes our house , goes straight to recycle and become biodiesel , soaps , waxes paintings .

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