Saturday, November 9, 2013

environment and ecology for children

Children are born into a world where ecology is around every corner. At home , parents should encourage this love for our environment and our planet , making the care for the environment , is an enriching family experience.

In the home, school, and social life , children are present to protect the environment . It is common for children to learn in school to save water , using recycled materials , to know what they mean ... parents containers must seize this pull to instill respect for nature.

Gradually, by example and with adequate explanations for children , parents can get a home and a family perfectly sustainable.

Step by Step with children

It is important for parents to talk with children about our environment and nature; explain in language appropriate to their age how important are rivers , mountains , animals ... beyond the walls of the home, the child will discover little little this diversity. The respect that since childhood, is the responsibility of parents.

The environment for children can be like a game, a large amusement park in which all elements must be respected. Parents should explain how important it is for our life our planet.

Active children and parents who set an example

Parents should set an example , recycling at home, teach the child how to recycle , how to save and reduce spending, how materials are reused . Family may be just a game , make folios used to make drawings on the other side , recycle clothes and household utensils to toys. Involve the child in the task of recycling and energy saving at home, and assess postivamente their actions , you will get very comfortable in the game.

Gradually parents can gradually increase the level of knowledge and responsibility of the child's environment : talk about why it is important to use recycled paper , teach close the taps and lights at home when not using , explain what happens if acted correctly, how animals suffer , plants . Awakening , ultimately, a sense of responsibility and commitment to the child.

In many environmental organizations , including Greenpeace , find lots of information and games and activities to do with children in our city .

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