Saturday, November 9, 2013

English for children

The children to learn a second language from an early age is one of the most important goals for many parents. If we get that English is present in our home since the children are young, have a lot of cattle .

To children and teach English from early childhood at school. It is not uncommon to see parents that their child translator makes them many times, and that is, this new generation of children will need English as much or more than they need us.

Learning English , therefore, is not just for school. It is important for parents to give an extra shot of knowledge to the child, and that it also has an early motivation to language, to speak it fluently runs when you start to need .

English at home

Make some English at home is not so easy. Many parents do not speak English or potato , and are even unable to help the child with homework. This is not uncommon , as many parents come from a generation in which the English, did not seem so important. Times have changed.

Indeed , many parents wonder How do I help my child with English if I myself do not say anything ? Meeting this "monster" at age 40 , can be very hard for families. Luckily , we always have alternatives.

Children, parents and English

First, parents must know how many hours of English for our child at school. In general , we see that these times ( even today ) are insufficient for the child to have a certain base. Actually , the school ( unless it is a bilingual school ) provides a starting point for this child to learn.

It is better for parents us note directly to child to a booster . Many times , the same schools have extracurricular activities related to English . Further , we can look at schools , civic centers , or on the website of our council to locate subsidized courses in English or activities for children , such as summer camps.

At home, we always have the choice of books, audiovisual materials and the Internet. Buy books in English, or bilingual children , help the kids to arouse interest in the language. There are also many toys on the market that parents can purchase (like chattering dolls , puzzles , memory games with vocabulary, etc ... ) .

The network can be a good ally for parents , as there are in it many free games in English for the child to practice at home . One possibility is this website .

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