Saturday, November 9, 2013

glasses and children

The family controls the visual health of children is very important : 20% of children need visual correction , and if parents do not we caught it early , we can find not only health problems .

Many children have vision problems. Myopia , strabismus , hyperopia. These problems may occur in infants and should not be ignored by parents. Beyond the health problems that involve the child , can acarrearle many difficulties to study and socialize with other children.

Examining the child to tempo

It is highly recommended that parents worry about the child's visual health in the first months of his life. Detect a vision problem in time help is resolved or corrected as soon as possible .

It is likely that our child touch him wear glasses with 3 years. Many times it is easy , sometimes there are children who do not want them to put , forget them , not treat them with care ... this can become a nightmare for parents.

As they grow older , many children want to wear contact lenses for aesthetic better than the parents we buy when we are sure that the child is responsible enough to take care of the cleaning and care they need.

Buying the right glasses for the child

For the child to feel encouraged and comfortable wearing your glasses , it is necessary that we strengthen positive parents . Already from home , we must explain what they are and how important they are to regain its view .. They also say it's necessary for you to read well , and play with their friends properly .

When choosing the model , it is essential to respect the child's decision . Today there are plenty of designs which one is sure that will satisfy you. Parents must make sure to buy the glasses from a viewpoint of trust and check that they are suitable for their age. Some parents choose to buy two pairs (one for playing and one for day to day) .

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